The Past

A modest beginning in the world of promotions 40 years ago, the seed of publicity & promotions were sown by Mr. Babubhai Shah in Ahmedabad under the name Jupiter. Outdoor promotions were the roots of this soon-to-be blossoming service oriented agency. Today Jupiter has developed into a one-stop shop providing creative, end-to-end solutions in the field of advertising based on the client’s needs.

The Present

Presently, after 4 decades, we have earned recognition in the advertising world as a full fledged agency with vision, experience and determination. The spirit of being best at whatever we do is still strongly alive. Core competency is still the buzzword at Jupiter. Changes are however necessary, in fact imperative. The new catchwords are service & value addition. Value addition in terms of return of your investment. This entails finding fresh avenues for your business to get noticed apart from the regular, existing media. A strong team of seasoned professionals are constantly striving to enhance your market value.

... And The Future

Upwardly mobile, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, Jupiter is ever expanding towards new horizons. Meeting global standards, Jupiter is the happening place... a futuristic, creative powerhouse with eyes on uncharted territories. The future is brimming with whole new experience and incredible opportunities. Welcome abroad !